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Rules & Regulations for TDCT Practitioners and Their Clients

Below is the code of Ethics and Principles that Positive Peer Mentoring requires everyone to participate in while doing a Touch Therapy session.

Positive Peer Mentoring and Corinne Pulliam also require all NEW clients to be screened. If you would like to become vetted to have a Session Please book using the button here: 

Ethics & Principles to be Guided By

This Code of Ethics governs the actions, practices, and conduct of Cuddlists to ensure comprehensive and quality services to clients and the community.

The cuddliest practitioner is Corinne Pulliam from Positive Peer Mentoring and the Client is you.

Role of the Cuddlist:


The Cuddlist Practitioner understands that her/his relationship with the client is a professional one defined by the exchange of money for time and services. Any time spent with a client outside of this exchange is done in clear recognition of redefining this boundary as a personal relationship and is done with conscious awareness taking full responsibility for any consequences intended or otherwise.

The Cuddlist shall understand her/his boundaries and limitations as it applies to skill and knowledge and fully acknowledge this to the client.


The Cuddlist shall understand the role transference plays in the Cuddlist/client relationship and understands that feelings of attraction and love are part of the therapeutic process.


The Cuddlist is responsible for teaching and implementing consent practices at all times ie; noticing and communicating their limits/boundaries as a priority while encouraging the client to do the same.


The Cuddlist is responsible for maintaining her/his professionalism by seeking continuing education, by seeking personal therapy if appropriate and receiving second opinions from a certified peer/mentor.


The Cuddlist shall respond promptly and constructively to concerns and criticisms.


The needs of the client come first within the limits of the practitioner's boundaries.


Provide clear, comprehensive information to enable the client to make the best choices.



Honor and respect the confidentiality of the client.


Any notes or reference material the Cuddlist may have regarding a client shall be kept in a secured location.

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