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Consultation after 6 Months of No Therapy Services


This policy aims to ensure that clients of Positive Peer Mentoring (PPM) receive the necessary support and guidance even after a prolonged period of no therapy services. By conducting a consultation after six months of no therapy services, PPM aims to assess the client's progress, address any potential issues or challenges, and provide further assistance if required.


Policy Statement:

PPM recognizes the importance of continued support for clients, even when they are not actively engaged in therapy services. Therefore, PPM's policy is to conduct a consultation with clients who have not utilized therapy services for six consecutive months. This consultation will serve as an opportunity to evaluate the client's progress, identify any emerging issues, and determine the need for further support or therapy.

How It Works and Why?


1. Scheduling the Consultation:

   a. PPM's administration team will identify clients not utilizing therapy services for six consecutive months.

   b. The administration team will contact the client via phone, email, or any other preferred mode of communication to schedule the consultation.

   c. The client will have several available dates and times, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


2. Conducting the Consultation:

   a. A qualified therapist from PPM will be assigned to conduct the consultation.

   b. The consultation can occur in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing, based on the client's preference and availability.

   c. The therapist will create a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring confidentiality and privacy during the consultation.

   d. The consultation will follow a structured format, including evaluating the client's progress since their last therapy session, discussing any challenges or issues faced during the period of no therapy services, and identifying potential areas requiring further support or therapy.


3. Outcome of the Consultation:

   a. Based on the consultation, the therapist will assess the client's current needs and determine the appropriate course of action.

   b. If the client requires further therapy services, the therapist will discuss the available options and schedule follow-up sessions accordingly.

   c. The therapist will provide appropriate guidance and recommendations if the client does not require immediate therapy services but may benefit from periodic check-ins or referrals to other support services.

   d. If the client desires to discontinue therapy services permanently, the therapist will respect their decision and close their file accordingly, ensuring a smooth transition out of PPM's services.


4. Documentation:

   a. The consultation therapist will maintain accurate and up-to-date records of the session, including any identified issues, recommendations provided, and the client's response.

   b. These records will be securely stored in accordance with PPM's confidentiality and data protection policies.


Amendment and Review:

This policy will be reviewed annually or as required to assess its effectiveness and relevance. Any necessary amendments will be made with approval from the relevant stakeholders at PPM.



This policy has been reviewed and approved by the management of Positive Peer Mentoring.

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